FlyArt – Window film Remover

FlyArt – Window film Remover

FlyArt – Window film Remover


Fly Art  Window Film Remover helps remove all types of film easily.

This product removes window films easily regardless of the time of application of the films to be removed.

Fly Art Window Film Remover does not cause any deformation on the surface from which the film is removed.

It does not damage the defogger when applied on the rear window of your car.

Enables cleaning the surface without leaving residues or traces of window films.


Apply specially formulated Fly Art Window Film Remover  on the area to be cleaned at a distance of 20 cm. Wait for a minimum of 2 minutes. Fly Art will penetrate and take effect during this period

Apply Fly Art Window Film Remover  one more time as required,  on the adhesive residue that might be left on the glass depending on the quality of the window film removed, to obtain a stain free crystal clear surface

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