FlyArt – Sticker & Foil Remover

FlyArt – Sticker & Foil Remover

FlyArt – Sticker & Foil Remover



Fly Art Sticker Remover easily removes self-adhesive paper or plastic stickers or labels.

Fly Art Sticker Remover easily removes stickers or labels from glass, metal, wooden or plastic surfaces  without causing any deformation on the surface.

Easily removes all self-adhesive stickers, foils, or labels easily from cars, bicycles, motorcycles, motor yachts or other motor vehicles even if they were applied many years ago. It does not damage the paint or other surfaces on your motor vehicle.

It is particularly effective in removing advertorial stickers, car protection foils and window films.

Enables cleaning the surface without leaving residues or traces of stickers or labels.


It also removes tar, ink, lipstick, rubber, oil, grease, or soot stains.

This product is used to remove stickers, labels, self-adhesive tapes, and their residues

It removes tar, ink, or greasy dirt stains from almost all surfaces including but not limited to glass, plastic, wooden, PVC, stone, ceramic surfaces or the surfaces of window frames, doors, or furniture.

Apply specially formulated Fly Art Sticker Remover  on the area to be cleaned at a distance of 20 cm. Wait for a minimum of 2 minutes. Fly Art will penetrate and take effect during this period.

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