İzolikit / FLEX - Liquid Rubber & Water Based Sealing - Insulation Material

İzolikit / FLEX - Liquid Rubber & Water Based Sealing - Insulation Material



Instant setting, water-based and environmentally friendly liquid (liquid) rubber.

Product features

İZOLİKİT / Plus liquid rubber is a two-component, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, spray applied waterproofing material made of high quality rubber polymers. It is a solid yet highly flexible material that can be effectively applied to the desired thickness in one go. It creates a monolithic waterproofing that can be fully adhered without generating any waste. It is water-based, does not contain volatile organic compounds and is classified as a "green" product.

 Usability and Usage Areas of the Product

İZOLİKİT / Plus is a liquid rubber that is used in new and renovated roofs, underfloor waterproofing, plaza decks, interior and exterior walls, walkways, wooden beams, fountains in dams or ponds, and many other waterproofing applications that require special expertise. With its ability to show infinite resistance to water, İZOLİKİT / Plus offers a unique waterproofing solution in complete building coatings and in many other applications.



İZOLİKİT / Plus can also be used to ensure that bitumen based membrane materials adhere more tightly to surfaces such as concrete and metal.



1- İZOLİKİT / Plus, MEKO A.Ş. When applied as two components with İZOMAK application pump specially produced by; Since it creates instant hardening, it provides the opportunity to apply at the desired thickness in one go. In this way, it instantly makes shapeless surfaces such as large cracks and fractures smooth. The product is pumped with the help of a double diaphragm pump at a maximum pressure of 300 psi at a liquid flow rate of 26 GPM (98 liters / minute) and a product output rate of 2.5 GPM (9.4 liters / minute). are kept under complete control.

2- İZOLİKİT / Plus can also be applied as a single component with a brush, roller, squeegee.

3- With its developed form, İZOLİKİT / Plus can now be applied with electric pumps (airless machines).

If İzolikit Plus is applied with such tools, instant hardening does not occur. The applied surface starts to harden in 2-4 hours depending on the weather conditions and passes to the curing stage.


All surfaces on which the product will be applied should be cleaned with pressurized water and free from any loose material, grease, oil, solvent and other contaminants. The damaged areas of the main material where the coating will be made should be patched or covered appropriately with appropriate repair materials that will adhere to this main material and ensure that İZOLİKİT / Plus adhere well to them.

 With İZOLİKİT / Plus, in order to obtain a monolithic material with a thickness of 1.5 mm, with İZOMAK application machine; It should cover an area of ​​130 m2 per hour. Although the coating performance may vary depending on the profile and texture of the base material to be coated, 1.6 m2 area per gallon (3.78 liters) can be covered for most infrastructures. In order to prevent the spray gun from passing over the clean areas of the base material to be coated, which have not yet been applied, the spraying process; It is recommended to work upwards starting from the lowest part of the roof or the area to be covered. İZOLİKİT / Plus is a material resistant to UV rays and weather conditions and the main color is; It is Off-White. Also; It can be made in desired colors.

İZOLİKİT / Plus is a light material with a specific weight of 1.83 kg / m2, and it is applied directly on the existing roof or other coating applied areas, preventing the existing material from being dismantled and wasted at high costs.

According to the condition of the area where İZOLİKİT / Plus will be applied;

In order to ensure perfect adhesion / if necessary, primer should be applied to the application area before applying İZOLİKİT / Plus. By applying MEKAS / Rubber Primer, the adhesion and boiling will be more perfect in the areas covered with ISOLIKIT / Plus.



Although this two-component product has the ability to set and harden instantly, it is recommended to leave it to cure for 10-18 hours in sunny and warm weather (10◦C). It is recommended to apply İZOLİKİT / Plus at temperatures of 10◦C and above. Newly applied material should not be allowed to set before the curing period has expired. Since the drying time of İZOLİKİT / Plus, which is a water-based product, will be required to fully cure, the curing time may vary depending on weather conditions and temperature.

Warnings and Hazards

It is recommended to use a mask that covers the mouth / nose area during spraying. Although there is very little odor and smoke during spraying, it is recommended to use a gas mask when applying in areas with limited ventilation.

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