Meko Kimya

We produce the chemistry our customers need for all industries for a sustainable future.

With our experience of more than 15 years, our basic MISSION is to produce, modify and apply products according to customer requests.

OUR MAIN VISION is to develop exciting new products and services in the chemical industry.

For all industries, we offer especially the synthesis of organic products, compound preparation and discovering, producing and serving the new generation modified products.

It is our usual job to design and manufacture the chemical product you dream of, which will facilitate your work in your sector, increase your quality.

We are involved in the R & D and production of all chemicals that concern the present and future of our world.

We make our innovative solutions to make life easier.



Our Polishing Products R & D Study

Continuing in the direction of continuous development; As a result of the R&D studies, which will bring the efficiency in the appropriate sectors to the highest level; Liquid Shine Polish, Liquid Polisher Polish, Liquid Polisher Polish and Solid Polish Polish "MEKPOL" will meet user needs with its brand.

'' However, Countries Developing Their Technology Are Independent. ''

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