FlyArt – Next Generation Composite Protective Coating for Motor Vehicles

FlyArt – Next Generation Composite Protective Coating for Motor Vehicles

FlyArt – Next Generation Composite Protective Coating for Motor Vehicles

-          FLY ART Elastomer

Your car will feel brand new with an easy touch.  Easily applicable creative coating for your car at low cost and labor. This product, formulated using state of the art technology, offers an unlimited spectrum of color choice.

This product differs from similar products on the market in that it needs less coats and it can be easily removed when applied thick.

It allows you to change the color of your car easily by applying only two coats, thanks to its high solid matter content. It is easily removable even when applied in only two coats.

On the other hand, it will protect your car against scratches, scuff marks and stone chips when applied in four coats.

You can obtain a thickness of 500 microns by applying this product in 8 coats. This thickness will provide a high level of protection to your car against severe hail damage.


 -          FLY ART Lacquer (with hardener)

Your car will have a shiny, matt, or semi-matt look with this lacquer.

This lacquer may be applied on top of 2, 4 or 8 coats of elastomer. It is easily removable in each type of application.

You will have a car coated with a magnificent composite product if you apply Fly Art Elastomer and Fly Art Lacquer in combination. When used in combination, the soft structure of elastomer and the hard and scratch-proof structure of lacquer will result in a coating protected from external effects. Potential damages that might be sustained by your car as a result of hail, stone chips, scratches, or scuff marks may be easily removed by applying wax and polish.

The hard and scratch-proof lacquer will take the damage first and transfer the damped impact to the underlying elastomer layer. Our elastomeric flexible product will in turn completely absorb the mitigated damage, preventing the any harm to the car.

When used in combination, Fly Art Elastomer and Fly Art Lacquer will form a new coating on your car to prevent damage. You can always apply wax and polish on this coating. This coating will protect the original paint of your car for many years.  

The mixture shall be left for settling for 5-10 minutes and then applied on a dry surface, freed of oil and dirt, 2-3 coats diagonally by a paint gun. Wait for 5-15 minutes between each coat. Do not apply this product at temperatures below 10 °C.   

One unit weight of lacquer should be mixed with one unit weight of lacquer hardener. Attention should be paid to the percentage of the mixture. The mixture should be used within 7-8 hours of preparation.

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