Mekzırh - Rubber Protective Liquid

Mekzırh - Rubber Protective Liquid


The mixture of new generation elastomeric organic products has been homogeneously combined with a mixture of inorganic materials using a special method, and a product has been created that protects your tire against explosions.

Mekzaror is a product that is placed in a rubber and prevents explosion.

Mekz Armor is a specially formulated elastomeric solution that protects your tire against punctures, tears and bursts when the amount of protective solution is injected into the tire according to the size of the tire. Before applying MEKZIRH The tire should be balanced. Mekzaror constantly preserves its liquid state in the tire, thus it does not cause a balance problem in the tire. By cooling the heated tire with its liquid structure, it increases the tire life by 10%.

When the tire to which the protection solution has been applied is punctured, the solution starts to harden while trying to come out of the hole with compressed air and repairs the tire permanently by closing the hole in a short time. The solution repeats the same function every time the tire is punctured, the tire is under protection until the solution in the tire is finished.

You can access the presentation file here.

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